1. Fake Person says:

    Whoever edited this video should be shot.

  2. Jaguarpaw96 says:

    that cop has mad skills so he didn’t kill the vibe he made it look fun.

    1. burichan says:

      By killed it they mean he did a good job, was awesome, has mad skills, etc

    2. Josh says:

      Btw, hes not really a cop. He is an actor in a stuntman role.

    3. Unexpected Entertainment says:

      Exactly @burichan he defiantly has mad skills!

  3. Loretta Stevnes says:

    it’s so nice to see a cop in good physical condition. His gymnastic skills are very good.

  4. Anonymous John says:

    This isn’t an actual cop. It’s a stunt double dressed as a cop for a film he was in.

  5. dea says:

    Seriously people where is his gun? Did he just say hold this?

    1. tk says:

      there were other cops standing there

  6. pwent uspa says:

    Actually, that’s this guy..

  7. So Good it's a Crime says:

    Officer McNasty reporting. The perp has been served. Over and peace out.